Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

'Chinese helicopter' blasts lingo luster

29, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: It is always good to greet new things, new words and new faces. The Oxford Dictionary has lately included fresh words in order to enhance its words strength. It embraces different novel words related to current affairs and lifestyles at every three months. More than 600 new words have been added to this widely used dictionary this time. Even the word “Wah” and “Chhana” also get direct entry. Of course, it was unique for us as our indigenous words were incorporated.

A very new word Chinese helicopter gets a place in the Oxford dictionary on this occasion. This is quite a new word for the dictionary users. Though this very word is prevalent in Singapore from a long time, its usage will now expand to a wider level with its instant inclusion in the most popular dictionary. This word goes with the meaning of those who speak faulty Chinese and English in Singapore.

We in our multi-lingual country are aware of the word helicopter shot that was familiarised by the cricketer MS Dhoni. It required excessive strength and concentration. The feature film on Dhoni depicted this blast by the bat in an ample way. But the fresh word Chinese helicopter is blasting badly the beauty of the language. Every known language has its slang version which somehow gets distorted. In course of conversation, the changed tongue is used with all its twisted hues.

Speaking faulty or damaged language is always scoffed at but people continued this habit for their own convenience in different places. It is ably understood and aptly spoken in the circle where such types of individuals gather in considerable numbers in an expanse. They do not feel any peculiarity in its practice. Upon hearing such mixed or damaged form of language we do experience a new kind of enjoyment or joviality.