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China supports Pak in UN, Modi asks for reimbursement of his China trip expenses

26, Jun 2015 By MRP

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was visibly upset by China’s support to Pakistan in the UN on the matter of Lakhvi’s release and he was seen hurling abuses at China. Earlier, China blocked India’s move at the UN against Pakistan, over Lakhvi’s release. When opposition parties criticized Modi for his misplaced trust in China, failure of his foreign policy, his failure to pressure Pak into doing what we want, Modi was at his wits end to dispel the attack.

Indo China relations during happier times
Indo China relations during happier times

Ever since the Lalit Modi issue surfaced, PM Modi had resorted to silence, just like his predecessor Manmohan Singh, who skirted all issues by resorting to ‘maun vrat’. But on the China issue, the blame was on Modi himself and hence the agitation and the outburst. So, he shot off a letter to his counterpart in China stating that India was disappointed as China stood against India and asked them to reimburse the money he spent on his recent China trip, which is now deemed waste.

Sources in PMO, who did not wish to be identified, said that Modi was really upset over China’s betrayal and was heard talking to himself. “How can they do this? It is downright betrayal. Just weeks ago they chanted ‘Indo China bhai bhai” and are now backstabbing us. I spent so much money and time visiting them. I even had to tolerate the smell from cooking of every known animal during their banquets. Now they do this. I might have as well stayed back and got a few more designer suits stitched with that money.”

In response to Modi’s demand, China has expressed its helplessness. “We do not have a policy of reimbursing expenses to foreign nationals. But we do understand your feelings and therefore are willing to send you Chinese Chequers and other gifts of Chinese make worth the money you spent on your trip.”