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China and Sena finding it hard to counter Modi wave

17, Sep 2014 By fakeingit

nothing serious
nothing serious

As per the reports from our confidential/non confidential, real/fake  (virtually all) sources from East and Middle Asia that China is finding it hard to counter the Modi wave flowing at alarming speeds from Indian Subcontinent towards east.

As per Senior BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad, “It is the Modi Wave that is neutralizing Chinese aggression in critical times When India is inking bilateral pacts with Vietnam and at the same time extending a warm welcome to Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping.”

Later Faking News came to know that Mr. Prasad was trying to seize the oppurtunity to grant a birthday wish to Mr. Modi. When asked for comments, Mrs Irani was also unavailable as she was probably busy developing innovative ways on ”How to engage Children in labours work to make them sweat 4 times a day” again trying to wish Mr. Modi later confirmed by Faking News Sources.

At the same time Shiv Sena fears this as an effort to strengthen Modi Wave which is running somewhat low (thanks to Amit Shah) so that BJP could prepare ground for Assembly elections in Maharastra on it’s own,Sena MP Sanjay Raut Claimed and simultaneously alleged BJP of not respecting Coalition Norms.

The News created cheers among Nitish Camp and it is believed that Mr. Lalu has suggested Mr. Thackeray to form a secular front in Maharastra also to counter Modi Wave. At the same time  People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is trying to do the same by intruding in Chumar Sector along international borders ahead of Jinping’s Visit.