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Change is not the only constant, stupidity is a bigger constant, says recent Harvard research

21, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

Washington D.C.– A recent research by Harvard university has re ignited a long pending debate that whether change is the only constant.

“Change can cease to be a change for some given periods of human existence but stupidity, it has remained at amazingly constant ever since humans took shape. Civilizations after civilizations, stupidity has simply refused to part ways or even stand down for a slightest period of running time. Proportions of stupidity in Human behavior since the first apple was bitten till this date, hour, second and instant has been at absolute constant level. No amount of advances in science, technology and governing system have had any impact on it whatsoever. Stupidity levels have not budged even an iota bit, making it the foremost contender for an constant on the blue planet,” the research paper’s conclusion read.

Chief researchers at the Harvard Dr Santa and Dr Banta will hold a press conference to illuminate the public at large about their work.

The research is being regarded as path breaking by some eminent members of the scientific community. It is already being termed as *the* biggest self – discovery initiative of mankind.