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Canadian PM writes to Indian PM about problems faced by Canada due to Punjabis

27, May 2015 By navjit

The writing on the wall

Dear Mr. Modi,

I, being the Prime Minister of Canada, am worried about a few problems which we are facing since a long time.

Your fellow countrymen, I mean Punjabis, are coming to our land in huge chunks, it looks like a landslide kind of scenario from a mountain known as Punjab to Canada. A few problems which I would like to highlight here are as follows:

  • Punjabis have renamed Canada as KANEDA.
  • Canadian Flights have to increase the alcohol quota by 10 times, if a Punjabi is found on-board.
  • After drinking Punjabi passengers demand (not even request) to fly the plane.
  • Air hostesses are referred to as Totta, patola, purja, Mem ji etc.
  • They attach Singh with everyone`s name, like Simon Sing ji, Michael sing ji, even when these fellow passengers dont know how to sing.
  • Punjabi passengers speak an un-imaginable english after drinks.
  • They make noises like buuuurrrrraaaah burrrraaaah amidst the flight, which scares the pilots at times.
  • Punjabis demand for something known as Gurh & Gandda……is that a drink as well?
  • When they dis-embark from the plane, they demand the air hostess to come along.

We would request your intervention into the matter and help getting it looked into. Else Canadians will have to emigrate to some other place.

Please help us Brother!

Regards, Stephen Harper.