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How can hurling coins bode well?

28, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: There is an established custom in our country which requires devotees to throw coins into the Ganges when they find the river. Even they do not miss this superstitious chance while travelling by train. Nonetheless, they show reverence to the flowing river as the mother but they at the same time remain unaware of the practical truth of the coins’ extraction by the boatmen. The devotees offer the coins to their god but it does not in actuality reach. Certain individual expert in pulling out the coins by fastening a magnet with a long strong stick secures the thrown-out coins into the sacred river.

It is certainly not wholly debatable whether it is faith or superstition but what is derided regularly is devotees’ obedience towards the age-old practice. Likewise, a similar practice was experienced recently when a superstitious Chinese passenger delayed a flight from Shanghai for many hours after throwing coins at the plane’s engine for the good luck. It was known later that as many as nine coins were thrown up by the 80-year-old at an engine of China Southern Airlines flight CZ 380 as she was boarding on the tarmacadam.

It was found that a total of eight coins missed its target but one suddenly nestled inside the engine forcing nearly 150 passengers to be evacuated from the aeroplane bound for Guangzhou. The elderly woman was also detained at Shanghai Pudong International Airport following the incident. The river being a natural stream is worth adoring but how can a plane bring good? India and China are comparatively not far behind in pursuing illogical beliefs. What is the value of such unscientific traditions in the modern-day’s technological advancement? These unscientific things certainly appear awkward but are these traditions really unbearable? Are we not able to decide on discarding superstitious beliefs?