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Called a monkey, Obama calls North Korea racist and Kim Jong-un a Hippo

29, Dec 2014 By tiger

Hmm.. Close Enough.. :P

Whenever something bad happens in the US, who do they blame?? Outsourcing to India, Iraq or Iran, Pakistan and now the Yankees’ new favourite North Korea.

FBI blamed North Korea for the hack in Sony Pictures. North Korea had however denied these allegations and had called US President Barack Obama a “monkey”; might be for lack of brains to blame somebody new.

US has reacted strongly to this and has called North Korea a racist country apparently because the President is black and they called him a monkey. US is planning to approach the UN for a debate for isolation of North Korea for being racist. We assume the debate to be completely fair given the fact the head of UN Ban Ki-Moon is from South Korea. It’s like Salman Khan to Vivek Oberoi !!

In an interesting turn of events, North Korea has received support from Indian cricketer Harbhajan Singh. He says that North Korea had said “Ma Ki” and not “monkey” and they have been misunderstood as he was in Australia. He has promised North Korea his support and he will argue against the isolation if such a debate happens in the UN.

Rejecting Harbhajan’s version of events, President Barrack Obama has called the Supreme leader of North Korea Kim Jong-un a “Hippo”. He has made fun of Kim for not exercising and also for disappearing from the public eye, like a hippo under water rarely emerging. Obama has also accused him to be a liar for not accepting the blame for the hack and has asked the supreme leader to listen to Shakira’s hit song “Hips don’t lie”.

PETA, an organisation for animal rights, has appreciated this as a move to raise awareness for dwindling number of hippos. PETA has decided to give its yearly prize, the Proggy Award to the US President which will be given by Andrew Symonds, a fellow victim of the word monkey.