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Breakthrough in Indo-Pak relations, Pakistan agrees to release sixteen Indian sheep

16, Jul 2015 By MRP

New Delhi: The Indo Pak relations reached a new high soon after both countries traded charges on border firings earlier today. What was unexpected and assumed impossible has indeed happened. Following is a report on the historic event.

In a major development that could pave way for even bigger development in the near future, Pakistan has agreed to release sixteen Indian sheep that strayed into Pakistan territory last month. The issue of the strayed sheep had become a major hurdle in the relations between the two countries and no one had expected such an early solution.

Modi and Shareef
“What happened to the remaining sheep?” Modi asks Sharif

Of course, as it to be expected, there were some minor issues that had to be ironed out before concluding the matter. Indian Prime Minister Modi raised the point that there were indeed twenty-five sheep and not just sixteen. To which, Sharif explained, “Yes, of course. There were twenty-five. But three went missing and the villagers consumed a few. Ramzaan time you know….But Modiji, you are lucky. Once the villagers realized the sheep are from India, they lost taste for them and handed over the remaining sixteen to the army.”

Convinced and the same time overwhelmed at the Pak gesture, Modi gifted Sharif a box of the best alphonso mangoes, which he had hitherto hidden. However the box contained only seven mangoes instead of the usual twelve in a box. “Sorry, there was a fall in mango crop this year”, Modi explained. “You will get a full box next time, if we meet again”.

According to reports, the meeting then continued on routine matters.

“Why did you release Lakhvi from jail?” Modi asked Sharif.

“Lakhvi who?!” exclaimed Sharif. “We don’t know any Lakhvi. He must be hiding in India itself, along with Ibrahim.”

“You mean Dawood Ibrahim? Is he in India? Then there is no question of my asking you to extradite him to India, is there?”

“Absolutely not. In fact, if you find him, send him to Pakistan. I have not met him in a long time. He owes me a party.”

Then the two leaders bid farewell to each other and left the matter of handing over the sheep, to the subsequent secretary level talks.