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Brazil world cup organizing committee hires Suresh Kalmadi to handle corruption criticism

11, Jun 2014 By planetdeepak

Today when most of the congress leaders are fretting over their future, Suresh Kalmadi has received an invitation to be a consultant for the Brazil World Cup organizing committee [BWOC]. Mr. Kalmadi is expected to share his expertise in dealing with corruption criticism, with the committee.

Kalmadi corrupt
“Corruption without me is impossible”

BWOC these days is facing much criticism over corruption in organizing the FIFA World Cup. The spokesperson of BWOC confirmed this news, stating happily that “Mr. Kalmadi’s rich experience in handling corruption related criticism made him the unanimous choice. We have seen how efficiently Mr. Kalmadi handled corruption charges during the Commonwealth Games 2010.  He not only silenced media of his own country but also from different parts of the world. The BWOC is also experiencing a similar situation but the country does not have anybody of Mr. Kalmadi’s caliber. We are glad that Mr. Kalmadi accepted our offer”.

When asked that apart from Kalmadi many other Indian leaders are also experienced in handling corruption charges , the spokesperson commented, “Yes we are aware of it but wanted someone specializing in handling corruption related to sports events. ”

When reminded, of Mr. Kalmadi’s arrest in the Common Wealth scams, the spokesperson justified, “Yes, but that was after the games were concluded. Even in such negative atmosphere, Mr. Kalmadi ensured that the games were conducted smoothly. As a responsible organizing committee your first priority should be to conduct the event at ‘any cost’. Mr. Kalmadi showcased true professionalism. Today he is free and the media no more talks about him. Under his guidance we expect the same outcome for our World Cup.’

Back home Kalmadi supporters were overjoyed. One enthusiastic supporter told this reporter, “We knew that Sureshbhai’s efforts will be recognized one day. Where our entire football federation failed to represent us in the world cup, Bhai achieved this feat single handedly. ”