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Bobby Jindal to contest Indian Lok Sabha elections in 2019

01, Jul 2015 By brendan9

New Delhi, June 30, 2016: Bobby Jindal, former Governor of the US state of Louisiana, declared the formation of his political party in a press conference on Wednesday. Jindal also invited political leaders from all parties to feel free to join his ‘Indian Republican Party’ if they wished to win the 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

He called for a united front against the ruling government that he said had promoted a communal ideology behind the flashy banner of celebrations and large scale projects. He likened the Prime Minister to Roman Caesars who kept the public contended with games in the Coliseum while pursuing their vested interests elsewhere.

Yes, I'm an American... umm... no! Indian, I said Indian!
Yes, I’m an American… umm… no! Indian, I said Indian!

Jindal, who lost the US Presidential vote in 2015 with a share of the vote bank smaller than even the margin of error in counting, has claimed that his potential was not realized due to the divisive politics played by former President Barack Obama and present US President, Hillary Clinton. He said, it was their tactics and definitely not his shedding of his Indian origins that led to his boycott by the Indian-American community in the USA.

Bobby Jindal also said that he had never renounced his Indian-ness but had merely put it aside to ensure purely ‘American’ elections. He didn’t wish his Indian origins to put other contestants at a disadvantage. Citing an example of how he had proved his origins, Jindal reminded the Indian public that he had vociferously attacked ex-President Obama for his support of LGBT rights and had even suggested the removal of the US Supreme Court for their decision to legalize same-sex marriage. “If that isn’t Indian enough, then nothing is!!” he said.

In an attack on the Christian convert, a religious NGO asked Jindal to apply for their ghar-wapasi programme before thinking of contesting elections in India. Another organization asked him to produce his certificate from Brown University to prove he wasn’t faking them.

The Election Commission hasn’t replied to queries for a comment on Jindal’s eligibility to contest elections in India.