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Blockage of Afghan SIMs upsets Imran Khan

30, Jun 2014 By omair

Imran Khan is rifling through pages of a book as a visibly irritated Shireen Mazari enters the room.

Imran Khan

“Khan g what are you reading?” she asks.

“I’m reading a book on Physics,” Imran Khan replies.

“Hey! Are you trying to make a bomb again?” comes a horrified question.

“Oh no! I’m trying to learn something about economy,” Khan replies, “What’s the matter?”

“They are trying to block Afghan SIMs in Pakistan,” Mazari is weeping now.

“Who, our dear terrorists? That’s such a nice move. One should not use SIMs of infidels. Our very own Pak SIMs should be used. Release an official statement to welcome the move.”

“Not the terrorists Khan G, the government has blocked Afghan SIMs in Pakistan,” Mazari sobs.

“What! That’s so ghastly. That amounts to putting curbs on freedom of expression. How can they initiate such action without taking us into confidence? Release an official statement to condemn the move.”