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Bilawal Bhutto promises Pakistani space mission to the Sun

26, Sep 2014 By docsuppandi

Islamabad: In a press conference in Islamabad, Bilawal Bhutto, the son of former Pakistan prime minister Benazir Bhutto, promised a Pakistani space shuttle to the Sun.

Bilawal Bhutto
“Yes, we can”

In view of the recent success of the ISRO’s Mars Orbiter in reaching Mars, Mr. Bilawal said that Pakistan was not in a race with India, and so, it would send a rocket to the Sun. He claimed that the objective of the mission is to check for life forms on the sun and regain back the PoS – Pakistan occupied Sun.

The PISS-RO, the Pakistani International Space and Science Research Organisation, confirmed the news. The Director of PISS-RO, in an exclusive interview to Faking News said that Pakistan had got a rocket engine from Bajaj Scooters for the Solar mission. Pakistani scientists were seen tilting the rocket to one side and kicking it to make it start in the PISS-RO center.

On being asked how the Solar Rocket would avoid getting burnt in the Sun’s heat, Mr. Bhutto, chuckled and said, “We are not fools, we will send it in the night.”

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