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Bilawal Bhutto confirms playing the role of the main villain in Sunny Deol’s next movie

24, Sep 2014 By Mantosh

Multan: In a recent development, Ranbir Kapoor look alike Bilawal Bhutto announced accepting the role of the main villain in Sunny Deol’s next movie. He was speaking in a rally in Multan yesterday. Mr. Bhutto is a young political leader of Pakistan.

The large crowd gathered in the rally cheered the move with boos. One of the attendants reacted to this, saying, “Miyan, pitna hai kya? Bahut marte hai Sunny Paaji.”

Bilawal Bhutto
Billu is ready to be beaten by Sunny

Mr. Bhutto also revealed the name of the movie. He announced the name to be ‘Dudh Mangoge Kheer Dunga, Kashmir Mangoge Cheer Dunga.’ When asked whether it was the story line of the movie; he clarified that the name was suggested by Sooraj Barjatya. Further, he announced that in the movie he would try to acquire every inch of Kashmir.

Later in the day, Mr. Bhutto also addressed to the media. One of the media personnel asked Mr. Bhutto whether he knows what the total area of Kashmir is. But, he did not reply.  When asked whether inch is a unit of area, Mr. Bhutto said, “Women empowerment is the main purpose of the movie. We want to address the concerns of the Kashmiri women.”

Rahul baba twitted, “See, I’m not the only one. There are many Pappus out there.”

When asked whether the movie has anything to deal with the article 370 of the Indian constitution which grants special autonomous status to Jammu and Kashmir, Mr. Bhutto laughed a lot and said, “We, in Pakistan, do not believe in such things. There is nothing called freedom or autonomy in our country. It is just the state of mind.”

Mr. Bhutto also released the first song of the movie, ‘Hina Rabbani Khaar, kashmir mangoge jute padege chaar.’ ft. Hina, Rabbani, and Khaar.

Sunny paaji was not available for comments. It is believed that he is toiling hard in the gym to teach a lesson to Mr. Bhutto.

Anil Sharma, the director of the movie told Faking News that the movie is very different from Gadar. For this movie, Sunny is making huge muscles. This time his hand would weigh more than ‘Dhai Kilo’. He also narrated a scene to us on our special request.

He told, “In a scene in the movie, Sunny is shown in LOC where Mr. Bhutto along with his party workers asks Sunny to leave the area at once. Sunny, standing near a tube well, becomes very furious and as the audience think that he would unearth the tube well and hit Mr. Bhutto with it, Sunny quickly grabs a Banyan tree.” Mr. Sharma did not reveal much.

It is worth mentioning here that Multan is the same place where Virendra Shewag became the first Indian cricketer to score a triple century in a test match. Viru was later crowned as the Sultan of Multan.