Saturday, 24th March, 2018

Beer pipeline for music lovers in Germany

01, Jun 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: We learn of the beer pipeline after the gas pipeline, the petrol pipeline and the water pipeline. The Germans have confidently thought of its reality. Germans are busy in laying down the beer pipeline in one of the country’s province. It is certainly unique in itself. It is incredulous too. It is something novel for the Europeans as they had never thought of laying such kind of beer pipeline earlier. It facilitates them drink beer without difficulty. They appear to be more imaginative than Asians. This can certainly not be the politicians’ imagination as they think only for their own selfish motives. Only music lovers can envisage this idea.

Any novel idea for the public can only be initiated by the soft-hearted people. That’s why the Germans seemed to have thought of the beer pipeline in the capital city of Berlin where the beer drinkers will slurp the brew at their firm determination. We in our own country even do not find drinking water to drink through the public tapes but they are planning for swallowing the cocktail. What a contradiction! They are gearing up for tasting the beer which they relish with great feel. Whenever they would feel the thirst for a glass of beer they will open the tap and get the snifter with no trouble.

As many as eleven lakh dollars has been spent on this pipeline. Although this is not an inexpensive pursuit yet it is being initiated with high spirit. Where is the sobriety persisting in this arrangement?  One adult person will be able to drink 5.1 litre cold beers in an average standard. There will be no traffic jam on the venue as the people will get the pint simply by opening the fixed tap. The simple idea is that live and let live.