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Barack Obama quits, says no one listens to him anymore

06, Mar 2014 By rahulchaphalkar

Washington. In a shocking development here today evening, President of USA Barack Obama has called it quits, effective immediately, and has left the whole country and the world astonished. This announcement comes just a couple of days after Russia went ahead with its military plans in Ukraine, despite Obama strongly warning against any such action.

Emotional Obama
Emotional Obama

Obama, here in a press conference, said “The recent Russia – Ukraine issue has prompted me to take this decision. I had explicitly threatened warned Russia that any military action against Ukraine will result in dire consequences, but no one listened to me, Russia went ahead anyway.”

When asked why exactly was the US getting involved in the crisis, he responded “Russia is finding trumped up excuses to forcibly put restrictions on Ukraine. Hence, we being the self proclaimed protector of the weak, must put similar appropriate restrictions on Russia.”

Confidential sources inside the White House told Faking News that the President has been subject to constant ridicule and lampoon for the past few months. One of them quoted “He has been trying to imitate his predecessors in being authoritarian and warning nations of dire consequences, but it just doesn’t seem to have the same effect.”

It is being said that Obama was behaving erratically for the past few months. He had allegedly for reasons unknown warned Tunisia last month to improve its GDP or face military action, and more recently had even pressurized Pakistan to improve their performance in cricket or face NATO strikes.

One of the sources claimed that he even considered taking military action against the islands of Hawaii as he was convinced that they possessed mass weapons of destruction, but later dropped the idea when his close aides told him that Hawaii was a part of the US.

Several people close to Obama have tried feverishly to make him recant his decision but to no avail. It is now rumored that Dr Manmohan Singh is counseling Barack Obama on how to handle ridicule, ineffectiveness and being ignored, and still not quit the top job. It is to be seen whether this therapy works for Obama.

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