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Barack Obama ordered NSA to spy on Sunny Leone: Snowden

04, Jul 2014 By simplydimply

In a revelation which is guaranteed to unleash a devastating earthquake measuring 9.9 on diplomatic scale, Edward Snowden the most sought after American techno- renegade told Faking News that in late 2011 President Barack Obama ordered the dreaded NSA to spy upon Indian Queen of hearts –  Sunny Leone.

Crying Obama
Obama cried after being exposed by Snowden.

“He (Barack Obama) was madly in love with her (Sunny leone), so much so that every night before calling it *quits* for the day he would religiously watch all her stuff available on the internet over and over again. It was a classic case of one sided infatuation. When Sunny decided to move to India he was heartbroken or should I say shattered. It was then when he called upon the director NSA and instructed him to keep tab on her every move,” Snowden divulged.

“They (NSA) then used every technological asset at their disposal to adhere to our president’s diktat. One of our spy satellite ‘Marilyn monroe XXX’ was entirely dedicated to follow Sunny’s every move thereon. The entire espionage continued for months till Beyonce entered the picture,” Snowden concluded.

Reacting to Snowden’s charges, NSA spokesperson Vin Petrol told Faking News that the agency denies anything and everything claimed by Mr Edward Snowden. A visibly infuriated Vin Petrol lashed out at Snowden’s charges, “What the F***? He just keeps on dishing a new Bullsh** to you people. And ya all on believing that a**h***. Mr president is a complete family person and so is Ms leone, I presume. Once we get our on to that son of a b**** Snowden we are gonna set the records straight.”

It may be brought to the notice of our viewers that Snowden till now has leaked thousands of classified documents enlightening the world about the new age of surveillance and snooping humans are in. Whatever may be the truth in the matter one thing is absolutely sure ,’till the time Snondew is on the loose there will always be a new twist in the tail.’