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Barack Obama diagnosed with new disease related to brain, doctors names it as Eboma

13, Sep 2014 By manithan

Washington: It s a real sad news to the Americans and especially, to the fans and supporters of the President of United States of America, Barack Obama. As per new findings, Obama is diagnosed to be suffering from a new disease related to brain.

Last week, Obama was checked from head to toe by the country’s leading doctors, after he complained of minor headache. After taking him through the state-of-art medical diagnostic equipment, the physicians concluded that Obama might be suffering from new disease that affects the brain and had named it as Eboma. And doctors have also revealed that Obama might be suffering from this disease since 2008.

Corroborating to the findings of the doctors, Obama delivered a speech this week, about how Islamic state has nothing do with terrorism and how he can help destroy that “once-funded” militants with the help of his golf. “I decide about Gulf, when I play Golf,” exclaimed Obama during the speech.

Obama has still not realised that Mobile phones are there in the world, so he still continues to use conventional form of communication. When told about mobile phones, he smirked and asked,
Affected by Eboma, Obama has still not come to terms that Mobile phones are there in the world, so he still continues to use conventional form of communication. When told about mobile phones, he smirked and asked, “Did you watch the new movie Citizen Kane?”

Doctors,who found the new Eboma disease, brief the symptoms for the disease as “the person affected with this disease will plan poorly, does not learn from the past, keep on doing the same mistake again and it takes a lot of time for this person to realise what is happening around”.

When few journalists asked them how they ended up finding this in Obama, the Docs said, “We all know that Obama planned poorly, never learned from the past that arming rebels turns them into powerful terrorists, does the same mistake of what Carter once did to world by arming Taliban and it took more than three months for Obama to realise that ISIL (or ISIS) is a terrorist organisation. We had informed the President that he suffers from this disease, but I think he will realise this four months later. This disease affects the synapses and so it takes months or sometimes years to let thought portion of brain to co-ordinate and arrive at some logical conclusion.”

White House, said in press release about the seriousness of the Eboma disease, “Dear citizens of USA, don’t be shocked when Obama gives a farewell speech on 2036, because it might take 20 years for him to realize that he had walked out of President post in 2016.”

In a recent dinner at White house, Obama is said to have suddenly stood up and shouted, “Folks, someone named Christopher Columbus has discovered a land called America. We should look for oil resources there!”

Meanwhile, ECDC, the body dealing with spreading of epidemic, has suggested that most of the world leaders are now expected to be affected by this Eboma disease and they are still struggling in the process of recognising the ill-effects of multiculturalism and ‘bending over back’ to appease the extremists. Even David Cameron took so many years to realise that England is no longer England but Al Angland, so he is seen to be in final stages of Eboma. ECDC has planned to prevent further spread of this disease among the population and has identified the liberals and seculars to be quarantined and treated against this disease.