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Baba Siddiqui to be sent to Jerusalem to re-initiate peace talk between Palentine and Israel

22, Jul 2013 By deliberatelies

All major peace delegates across the world are clamoring for one name and that person is none other than our very own “Baba Siddiqui”.

One of the most significant recent developments related to this is the case of UN. Impressed with the grand success of his Iftar Party and his reconciliation skills, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has chosen Baba Siddiqui as UN Special Envoy for re-initiation of peace talk between Palestine and Israel.

“The contentious issue, which remained unresolved even after a series of talks and meets, needs a person who can give it an out-of-box touch. We believe Baba Siddiqui is the person who can bring in that out-of-box perspective on the table. ”Ban Ki Moon told the reporters.

Last night Baba (humbly) wrote on tweeter: We needed to see it from a different perspective. Isn’t even a “bond of enmity” a bond by itself? I simply used this existing bond (“bond of enmity”) and gave a makeover to it as “bond of friendship”. Was it a big deal? Not really!

When asked by our correspondent how he managed to accomplish this impossible looking task, Baba Siddiqui, who is also a Congress MLA, said “Our party has always been accused by opposition parties that we have no any significant achievements to show to our countrymen. I ask them now; did anybody care for our countrymen who have been sulking for last 5 yrs because of this tussle? You were too busy protesting on insignificant things like fiscal-deficit, rupee depreciation, inflation and corruption etc.  This accomplishment is a big slap on the face of our opposition parties.  This is not just a reunion of two old friends SRK and Salman bhai rather it is a merger of two biggest faction group of our country Anti-SRK and Anti-Salman lobby—A historical moment for our countrymen.”

When asked how it would benefit him, he, on condition of anonymity, listed 4 major benefits:

  1. This will act as an extra-curricular activity on my poor resume. Needless to say, it would brighten my chance to get a MP ticket in the future.
  2. This “Iftar Party” may serve as “model Iftar party” to our congress colleagues and others. I will try to patent my Iftar-party model.
  3. I heard IIPM is going to conduct MILS (MBA Invitation Lecture Series) on “mergers and acquisitions in a new era”, I am hopeful I will get an invitation for it.
  4. I feel like I have a strong case to get this year’s “Indira Gandhi Award for National Integration”.