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Army coups have accustomed us with getting thrown out, so no big deal: Rehman Malik

17, Sep 2014 By simplydimply

“Koi nahi miyan”

Karachi. Mr Rehman Malik ex interior minister known for his legendary stupid statements during his tenure made ears twitch when he told media reporters that there was nothing new in pakistani politicians being thrown out.

“Thrown out of a commercial Airliner is a trivial matter. We pakistani politicians are very thick skinned. Our Army at regular intervals keeps throwing us out anyways. When we don’t object to our throwing out because of army coups, this fleeting flight incident is a kid’s play. No hard feelings. We are accustomed to being thrown out, now even politicians are busy trying to throw out each other, look at Imran he wants nawaz thrown out. I tell you if they ever introduce throw-ball in Olympics the top medal would be won by us,” a cool Mr Rehman explained.