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Amidst multiple terror groups claiming responsibility for a terror attack, Pak govt threatens them to behave responsibly

15, May 2015 By manithan

Karachi: Pakistan government has been tremendous in its operation against terrorists. And today, Pakistan unveiled its most lethal weapon against terrorists. They have issued a threat to terror groups to behave responsibly.  The threat from government comes on the backdrops of multiple terror groups claiming responsibility for a single terror attack.

Speaking at a press meet, Pakistan’s PM Nawaz Sharif said, “We had terror events occurring in Pakistan in recent 720 months. While we are regularly condemning this and urging terrorists to be good and not bad, the good terrorists behave bad many times. One such bad behavior of these terror groups in recent times is, they are claiming responsibility for a single terror attack. The point to note here is that, all of them claim that they had organised the terror attack independent of each other. This causes confusion in the minds of our intelligence, because our intelligence agency needs to have clear idea of the ideology of the terror groups they are training.”

“We (mutliple terror groups) will be claiming responsibility for single terror attack. Why not government spend some time investigating who really did the terror attack?”, asked a terrorist, who had an ice pack above his head.

“Only when we can single out the terror groups that are attacking our enemies both internal and external, can we help them gain more ground with the help of US aid. So, I hereby issue a threat to terror groups to behave responsibly while claiming responsibility for terror attack. If you are in doubts, better don’t claim responsibility.”, said a serious Sharif before leaving the place.

Many terror groups have reverted threat back to Pakistan PM, as usual. Anwarulla Onnumla, a terrorist freelancing for a terror group called Jhaadullah, said, “This is backstabbing done by Pakistan government. I mean, they usually backstab other countries, except our Cheen biraders. But, this time, they backstab Mujahideens. Even if we are not doing any terror attack, we rush to claim responsibility so that we will get better ratings in our mid-year performance appraisal done by ISI. Last year, our favorite Abu got blasted from ISI officers for not meeting the target and so, this time, he claimed responsibility for two attacks which he had known only via radio.”

“In this competitive world of terrorism, we have to be proactive. We need not do any attacks, but we should claim responsibility even before the original perpetrator does so. This is more like fastest finger-fidayeen first. We have to tweet that ‘we are responsible for this bomb blast/terror attack’ as soon as the bomb explodes. Then only, we can attract funding from Saudi biraders.. “, claimed an expert who is an expert in claiming responsibility for terror attacks.