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American Mars mission to launch amidst overwhelming obesity

07, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

With America’s heavily publicized Mars mission christened MAVEN slated for a Monday launch, many see the momentous occasion as the country’s attempt to hold onto technological supremacy against the rest of the World.

The situation almost seems reminiscent of the uncompromising space race currently being fought between India and China, which commenced during the start of the 21st century.

However, in a time when many American citizens are struggling to move, amidst overwhelming obesity and a shutdown economy, the event has sparked considerable controversy. Especially after deeming India’s Mars Mission controversial for similar reasons.

The Obesity Conundrum

Many in the country have objected to vast sums of tax dollars being funneled into the high-profile project, during a time when much of the country is feeling the biting effects of the global recession.

The shutdown and the American administration unable to provide its citizens with rudimentary services like visiting national parks, travel and tourism and federal mail, many within the beleaguered population are calling into question their leadership’s motives.

A 2013 report, spearheaded by the United Nations, concluded that a fifth of the world’s most obese people dwell in America. According to a study, entitled The State of food and agriculture, food systems for better nutrition the country remains a ticking time bomb.

With lower productivity and higher medical costs arising from associated non-communicable chronic diseases, such as diabetes and heart disease (WHO, 2011a), a recent study estimates a cumulative output loss due to non-communicable diseases, for which overweight and obesity are key risk factors, of US$47 trillion over the next two decades; on an annual basis and assuming a 5 percent rate of inflation, this is equivalent to about us $1.4 trillion in 2010 (bloom et al.,2011). This should come as no surprise as USA is a country that spends money to stop it’s citizens from eating.

A poor health service, ever-increasing child obesity, and limited intelligence and awareness, compound laziness and economic slump.

The American government’s actions have sparked international outrage from critics of America and Britain’s aid programs. With both countries providing poor nations in Africa with yearly aid, some see the country’s latest space endeavors as an irresponsible and profligate act, merely designed to showcase the developed country’s superpower status.

Regardless of the country’s overwhelming obesity, the American space agency’s Mars mission remains set for a Monday launch.