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Aliens discovered; one living among us!

31, Aug 2014 By Freshly Faked

Finally the news for which world is waiting, can be confirmed. Yes, aliens exist. And one is right now moving among us on earth!

This sensational discovery was made due to a cross connection in the telecommunications system which lead this Faking News reporter to intercept a conversation between two aliens on his smartphone, transcript of which was:

Commander Alien from space (CA): Connection obtained. Hello, whats the news on that ball, Spy Alien ?

Spy Alien from earth (SA): Hello. Since I landed, I found startling things about inhabitants here. They look just like us. They call their ball as earth and themselves as humans!

CA: Is that so ? How do they live ? Any different from us ?

SA: Everything is funny here. They sleep daily and eat food daily for nourishment. A big surprise is that they need a thing called water for survival. Very unlike us who take an injection once a year. Wish we could export it to earth.

CA: Hehehe. How about other things ?

SA: Remember the speed our ancients moved about ? Humans are not even there yet. Their fastest trains are only 700km an hour.. The moving objects we saw on telescope and thought were a large form of life, has turned out to be a big joke. In reality those are called vehicles which they use for transportation. Hehehe.

CA: That’s funny! So, they cannot fly like us.

SA: They are now launching iPhone 6.. wonder how many generations they will need to reach our iAll9009.

SA: And you know what.. they have a weird thing called money to ‘buy’ things they need. Its a printed paper or coins or swipe plastic cards. Most earthlings are occupied crazily to earn this money.. some for surviving, others for luxury or save for their future generations. All lives revolve around this money here. Hehehe.

CA: Oh, feel sad for them. In our land everybody gets everything all our lives.!

SA: Can you believe it.. they still get various sicknesses and take medicines. Wish we could export our vapour to earth.

CA: What else is interesting ?

SA: Yes, they have divided their earth into bits called countries with borders. All of them need to take permits to visit inside other’s borders. Hahaha.

CA: That’s unbelievable! Hehehe.

SA: I’ve got to go now. Our host Rajnikant called me to meet.

CA: Ok. Give him my hello. Invite to visit our land.

SA. I’ll do that. Till next talk, bye.

CA: Over and out.