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After 'Selfie', US Prez claims “I wasn't O'ba-ma self!”

12, Dec 2013 By cimpyleman

Being in middle of the storm for snapping ‘selfies’ at memorial service, the President found himself cornered by the social media tycoons. Even though Obama claimed British and Danish premiers were also enjoying themselves, Rahul Gandhi could strike a chord with him for being judged as the only one at fault by the social media every time something went wrong.

Apparently, they all were so excited as the drone seen hovering nearby had just delivered the phone from Amazon! What better way to justify use of American drones across the world?

His speech might be good, but that is not what self claimed feminists would let him escape with. “How could he enjoy while Michelle was visibly upset?”, was what they claimed Their Nation Wanted to Know! Upon advice of Mr. F Abdullah, Michelle had already made sure that no one with the name Monica and/or surname Lewinsky be in staff of the President or in any government service for that matter. If anything else was bothering her, or it was just the ‘selfies’, is anybody’s guess. Don’t worry, we will guess that too very soon.

Indian President Pranab Mukharjee was also present for that occasion as were many other who had arrived ‘jetting halfway across the world, both to represent your country and to show you are important enough to be invited‘. He was accompanied by the Indian Prime Minister, the Leader of the Opposition and UPA Chairperson. The Indian PM was left back again, as a mute spectator (We cannot have jokes on that word again and again!). For those who could not understand why UPA chairperson was invited, Salman Khurshid explained that she was Mother of the Nation (India). A small farmer from Haryana seems to have thanked Mr. Khurshid for not naming her Mother-in-law of the Nation. Yes, we all know who he is.

Our local correspondent, who is local to New Delhi and is corresponding with her ‘unknown secret sources’ from South Africa has managed to gain some comments from Delhi locals only.

Upon being asked to comment on Obama’s actions, AAP member and MLA Manish Sisodia has offered clean chit from AAP’s AIA (Androoni Investigation Agency). As earlier, we have already got a tweet from @aamadmiparty that ‘It was his personal view and is not shared by the party.’ The Manchester United jersey clad Delhi boy also seemed to have an opinion.

He offered condolences to the family of Nelson Mandela’s driver who was driving the Porshe. However, when his friend with a t-shirt screaming “Who needs a Government? I <3 ma Rules!” offered to correct him on who Nelson Mandela actually was, we came to know to whom was Morgan Freeman tweeting to the other day.