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After Modi wave now World fears Modi hurricanes

27, Sep 2014 By fakeingit

Power of Yoga achieved through More Rigorous training from RSS than our beloved ShaktimannAfter the high tides of Modi Wave are slowing down what now the world fears is the Modi hurricanes due to high speed winds originating somewhere near Gujrat Coastline  from Indian Subcontinent , flowing at abnormal speeds towards west after suddenly changing it’s pace and direction from East Asian Countries.

Some are seeing this as “Look East:Link west” paradox, Others are trying to explain this with complex phenomenon of Coriolis Acceleration due to earth’s rotation. (Hint : Earth is Round ) For Reference to Mr. Bilawal Bhutto and Similar one’s.

But what amused hard core Indians back in India more was the leak (Not from Wikileaks) that most of Chinese scientists and researchers are working hard to estimate worst case Scenario and it’s possible Impact on China and it’s allies in South West Asia (Probably Pakistan though Not confirmed ) as a whole.

In critical times when China should be focusing on projects related to Deep Outer Space, Mr. Modi has thus engaged them in business of doing some real Analysis the work they have no expertise at all : Kumar Vishwas told Faking News in an Exclusive Interview cum Conversation Session.

On the Other Side of Globe Eye-lids of Citicorps Executive officers (Read the Whole Story) are also up as they now fear Catastrophic Failure due to winds of unknown magnitude and direction as per latest forecast by NOAA in lieu of Mr. Modi’s Arrival to Newyork.

At the same time Burj Khalifa and ISIS guys are feeling somewhat relaxed due to India holding it’s Neutral Bias towards Middle earth despite the repeated request from Veteran BJP leader Subramanian Swami of joining US led Coalition against ISIS : Our Sources from Middle Earth told Faking News.

But this is not the End of Story, Something bigger is going to happen….. till then Wait and Watch.