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After Modi sends Candy Crush Saga invitation, Nawaj Sharif cancels his India trip

25, May 2014 By Pratik Purohit

New Delhi: Although, earlier Pak PM Nawaz Sharif accepted invitation of Modi’s swearing-in ceremony but he changed his decision after Narendra Modi sent him invitation to play Candy Crush Saga.

According to our internal sources, Narendra Modi intentionally took this extreme step to cancel the trip of Nawaj Sharif.

Nawaj Sharif trying to control his anger after receiving Cancy Crush Saga invitation.

It is well known that, for the first time in history, New Delhi sent invitation of swearing-in ceremony of Prime Minister to Islamabad. But after criticism from Congress leaders and some sections of society, India’s next PM Narendra Modi decided to cancel the invitation. But as he could not just take invitation back as it may affect bilateral relations, he took this innovative and harmless decision as suggested by the BJP IT cell.

Although BJP spokesperson refuted the news that Nawaj Shrif canceled his trip due to invitation of Candy Crush Saga, but he  further added that, “Modi just wanted to organize a friendly match between two countries. As people have watched much of cricket, he just changed the game from cricket to Candy Crush Saga, which is popular among Android users.”

When FakingNews reporter informed to BJP spokesperson that Candy Crush Saga is one player game, he wittingly replied, “That’s the point. Narendra Modi wanted to play together like one team. So that both can win and lose at the same time.”

“Pakistan is afraid of Narendra Modi that’s why they declined invitation,” concluded BJP spokesperson.

Meanwhile, in Islamabad, when FakingNews’s Pakistani correspondent Shahid Afiridi asked Nawaj Sharif for his view on invitation, he replied angrily, “I don’t accept Candy Crush Saga invitation, even from Hafij Saeed and Pak Army chief. How could I accept same invitation from upcoming Indian PM?”

When FakingNews correspondent asked him that why he was not going to Delhi as planned earlier, Nawaj Sharif replied , “After Candy Crush Saga invitation from Narendra Modi, I don’t want to be friend with him. If I would, he will send me more such invitations. I am still paying the price to be friend with Barack Obama.”