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After Mangalyaan reaches Mars, ISIS and Al-Qaeda launch Mujahidyaan

24, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

Following the news about successful feat of ISRO’s mangalyaan reaching the red planet broke, many people from India were delighted with the outcome distributing sweets and shouting slogans such as “Sabka Mangal Ho” and people in Kasauli were found wearing Jaadoo’s dress and partying heavily.

This news has not gone well with the dreaded ISIS and Al-Qaeda organization and they are planning counter reply by launching Mujahidyaan to the red planet. Speaking exclusively to Faking News Abu-Bakr-Al-Harami said, “Our plan is to establish caliphate wherever it is possible, we began with Iraq and Syria and now we are slowly moving to other parts of the world. The plan was going perfect and then we heard about India’s Mangalyaan which has already reached Mars and USA’s Rover before that, then how can we stay behind.”

Mars!!!! Here I come

When reporter asked how they are planning to reach Mars and what are their future plans regarding the mission, he said, “ISRO’s mission is boasting about being the most frugal, but our mission is even more economical as we have hijacked Bigg Boss plane and cameras from the house with the help of Al-Qaeda without investing a penny and have hired Ahmed Shehzad who will be guiding us to Mars via Heaven. We will be sending 10 Jihadi’s whose main responsibility will be to find our non-followers and behead them”.

When reporter asked what about the followers, he replied, “They will be recruited based on their abilities, if they posses energy like Jaadoo, then they’ll be sent back to us for the position of R&D, if they turn out to be normal Martians then they will be working in Mars to establish a caliphate by throwing bombs and missiles towards all the satellites which will come near the planet. Look, we are a very peaceful organization, we only behead those who do not agree that we are a peaceful organization”.

In the meantime recent development shows that their plane has been found floating in the sea near Bermuda triangle with the Jihadis doing what they were trained for, that is, firing at the rescue team.