Friday, 20th April, 2018

After IT, US outsources NASA jobs to India

24, Sep 2014 By rkg2777

“You’re fired!” isn’t just Donald Trump’s catchphrase. It’s a real fear among scientists at NASA now who worry that their jobs may be outsourced to ISRO in Bengaluru, after India’s Mangalyaan space probe successfully entered Martian orbit in it’s maiden attempt at 1/10th the cost of US mission to Mars (MAVEN). After this success Mr. Modi has added in his agenda to also pitch for “Make in India Spacecrafts” on his forthcoming US Visit.

India has already got into the act of setting up a new body of NASACOM (National Association of Space & Aeronautica Companies) taking inspiration from the existing NASSCOM to look after interests in outsourced space missions.

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