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After ‘Hud Hud’ Indian govt. proposes ‘Dabang Dabang’ as the name of next cyclone

15, Oct 2014 By atul13anand

Fed up with the weird foreign names of cyclones and hurricanes Indian government has proposed a plan for naming cyclones which will be presented at next ASEAN summit.

This is seen as a step to end the monopoly of few East Asian countries where these cyclones are originated. Indian foreign ministry has also raised concern over the way the hurricanes are named at Atlantic zone.

Names like Katarina and Ballerina could be misleading and such names could end up attracting tourists instead of encouraging evacuation as they sound like names of carnivals. India has also offered help to US in this regard.

Meanwhile India has proposed ‘Dabang Dabang’ as the name of next cyclone if it takes place. A foreign official has said that the name ‘Dabang Dabang’ suits more to cyclones compared to ‘Hud Hud’. He added that cyclone hit countries have equal rights to name the cyclones compared to those countries where these are originated.