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A Special report on the riots and bomb blasts that shook Pakistan following the burning of a temple

01, Apr 2014 By manithan

Lahore: The dark days for the Pakistan began a few months back, when a few peaceful people burnt a communal “place of worship” in the peaceful Pakistan. As the news about the burning spread, there were frenzy everywhere. While the temple-burners took a procession in the street cheering and celebrating over their achievement, the communal minorities took to the streets hurting the innocent temple-burners.

In this rare photo, the
In this rare photo, the “bomb blast” accused Indian Don posing with an Actor(who acted in the communal Raanjhana movie)

What followed that night reverberated across various districts of Pakistan. Certain districts where the communals were in huge power, with their head count as high as 3, nearly burnt down 23203 houses and ended up hurting nearly 5754 people from the majority. There were several districts where 0.22342 communals took over the streets and hurted many innocent bystanders of the majority community. Police were deployed in thousands to shoot down the minorities and bring the situation under control.

According to reports from police, almost all of the communal rioters were killed bringing the situation under total control. Police chief said, “We have killed nearly 540 communal rioters all over Pakistan, who were very atrocious in their activities and tried to come out of their homes, which had hurted thousands of innocent majority here. Also, they had crossed several houses going to markets, which left the peaceful majority’s homes burning in rage.”

There were also bomb blasts carried out at 13 locations in Karachi within 3 months from the temple burning. Police and investigation alike point out hands to famous Indian don as mastermind behind the blasts. Reports show of the Indian don watching Pakistani players playing cricket match in Beijing and he is believed to be hiding in Afghanistan.

A recent census on the minority communal population summed it upto 550 in the country. This has caused fear and suspicion among the citizens who fear that those ten communals might be hiding somewhere among themselves. A nationwide operation has been launched to bring them to law and give them a chance to repent for their violence and convert to the peaceful side (like how their thousands of family members were made to do few years ago).

A commission set up by the government, Bhishma commission report points to the accidental burning of temple as the major cause of riots. The commission also regretted over the violence of the communals who spread the riots to India, where Internet Hindus were involved in hurting the sentiments of secular liberals like Sagarika Ghose and Rajdeep Sardesai, who cheered for the burning of communal temples. Digvijay singh immediately said that “There is RSS hand behind the temple burning, modi shld resign for this”, while the Ghazwa-e-Hind hero & future caliph of Al Hind, Zaid Hamid  tweeted that “It was actually RAW-CIA-Mossad plan to help the minority communal hindus finish pure Pak”.

Many scholars have started drafting book on this topic, picking the 2002 Gujarat riots as the focal point for this riot. There were additional protection deployed to prevent communal Hindus from issuing          on the authors and to prevent them from attacking their homes. A communal Mossad-funded writer from Pakistan called Cinima Nazriya recently released a novel called “Bachcha” describing the atrocities communals faced in India after the temple burning incident.

There were tensions among the intelligence circle in Pakistan that this temple-burning will create more terrorists from the communal minority Hindus and plans are being drawn to keep a check on the existing 1 Hindu, who is said to be growing in a orphanage and of age 2 years.