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59 Tomahawks! Why not 60 or 55 America?, "That's Evil" says Defense Expert.

19, Apr 2017 By cringeworthy

On the recent reports of America launching attack on Syrian airbase with “59” Tomahawk missiles, some defense experts in India have expressed deep concern on the aftermath. Major Katraa (name changed on request) says that it was one of the most sinister moves by the super power in modern times.

“Why would they not round it off, other than the fact they wanted the world watching to just cringe waiting or expecting the 60th?” – asked the Major visibly fuming. He confessed he has not been sleeping well since.

“This might well be some new behavioral psychology crap that they are trying in the war, to double down on the atrocities with no extra cost (in fact less cost in this case)”, says other expert, who went on to blame the unethical misuse of the  work of the Nobel prize winners Kahneman & Tversky in the modern day war.

Experts say that we will never be able to accurately estimate the whole suffering caused by this new case of ‘collateral damage’ and yet again media is missing the real news here. While there are other who believe we should look at the bright side and thank our luck that they didn’t fire 99 missiles or even worse (for a totally different reason) 69!