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Windows 7 troubleshoots a problem, people call it a God's miracle, build temple

30, Oct 2014 By nitinshill

New Delhi. Last weekend when all of us were busy with our regular work, some unexpected, or say miraculous, incident occurred which changed billions of lives.

This is the incident of Deoli village situated at the south edge of Delhi. Anil Kumar Rathi, a 17 year old student of class 12th was working on his assignment when suddenly the internet on his computer stopped working. Earlier, he thought that it might have been some problem with the ISP but not with the Windows 7, so he waited.

When internet did not Screenshot given to devotees as sacramentrecover even after 10 minutes, he tried to check it manually but mistakenly clicked on ‘Troubleshoot problems’ option.

“It was getting late at night and I was required to finish my assignment, so in anxiety, I tried going over here and there to locate the problem. But I mistakenly clicked on ‘troubleshoot problems’ option. All of a sudden atmosphere got eerie, the sky started to thunder and light of my room flickered. I was so scared that I hid under my bed. I don’t know what happened after that, but when I got out after everything returned to normal, I found that Windows 7 on my PC actually detected the problem and my internet got recovered. This is because of my regular prayers I do daily. Jai Windows 7 Baba ki,” said Rathi to our news reported Ratul Kumar Marathe.

Before the sun went up next morning the news went viral and people from nearby locations emerged in Deoli to have a look at the PC. Some sources also informed us that the Windows 7 is now considered as the last incarnation of the lord. Whereas some rationalists also arguing that this might be the ghost of Congress, which 121 crore Indians killed earlier this year. Although, truth is still unclear. PM Modi congratulated Mr. Rathi on Twitter and Facebook.

“As I came to know about God’s arrival in our next village, I ran here to have a look of Windows 7 Baba, and even after heavy mob, I fortunately got a glimpse of the God and bowed to him as low as possible,” said a devotee Subhas Babu from a nearby village.

As per Anil Rathi and the local devotees, they planned to make a shrine board and successfully formed it.

“We decided to make a temple dedicated to lord Windows 7 at the place where the miracle took place,” Said Mr. Rathi, “We have collected around 70 million dollars so far and the construction is on a race” added Rathi in an interview with Faking News.

Although, Aadi Ahankaracharya, when asked about this incident commented, “Windows7 can’t be worshiped, as it is not an avatar but produced here on earth. We are calling an Adharm Sansand on the same and would pronounce the decisions later on.”

Whereas, Puri Ahankaracharya said, “We welcome the proposal of a temple, but entry of lower caste people to the temple should be prohibited.” Along with the news of God’s arrival, this Half-Full (Aadi-Puri) combo’s comments are also considered as the main arguments to debate on news channels.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela wrote on his blog, “We always knew the prophecy that God would arrive through our products. This is the starting of holy era, our products are holier. Windows 7 is God’s product, hence it would now be sold at $98457584246776512432537843 only.”

The topic triggered several political games. Congress’ spokesperson, Digvijay said his copyrighted lines “Iski CBI jaanch honi chahiye”. Whereas Rahul Baba hurriedly said, when interviewed at ‘Chota Bheem’s time, “Window7 baba will help Congress in women empowerment”.

Arvind Kejriwal, founder AAP, said in a press conference, “Sab mile huye hain ji! Windows7 Modi ka kareebi hai. Main ek aur dharna karunga jee“.

Prakash Jawdekar, BJP leader commented “Yahi to hain ache din. Ye mananiya Modiji ka Modieffect hai. Digital India ka sapna to unhone hi dikhaya tha“.

Mayawati, BSP cheif added “Mandir mein 104% reservation milna chahiye.”

Apart from all politics, the number of devotees of Windows 7 Baba is constantly increasing, since the shrine board has now started distributing a screenshot of ‘troubleshooting’ window as a sacrament to propitiate the devotees. As per our secret resources, it’s been said that Mr. Rathi would be nominated for the next Nobel prize.