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Waiting for iRing to hit the market to say "I do"

11, Sep 2014 By Kreedam

After the sensational announcement of iRing by Apple along with iPhone 7, 7+ and 7++ to be launched not earlier than 2018, there seems to be a new crisis all over the world. All wedding proposals and engagements have been stalled worldwide. Couples have decided to wait for the prestigious smart ring to make their personal event smarter and more worthy than the mere existence of each other.

Talking to us, a guy from US confesses that he’s indeed waiting for the iRing to make his proposal the best in the world, not knowing of the exact number of other men thinking on the same lines. “I will make sure I get a ‘Yes’ from my girl friend for 20 years with the perfect engagement iRing,” was his statement to us. US seems to have seen the maximum number of breakups this year led by both parties.

Alarming majority of these breakups have been initiated by women who got proposed with a 5 carat diamond in a 24 carat gold open setting. Of course, they expected nothing less than an iRing and were ready to wait for it rather than hurry into a wedding without one. We eavesdropped on one woman sharing the breakup news with her friend, “I was OK with him not being the smartest of the lot, but I deserve atleast a smart ring! Now that there’s going to be one in the market soon, am not going to settle for anything lesser.”

The situation is worse in India, where it’s not just men, women and the jewellers who are affected. Given the grandeur of Indian weddings and the network of people and services involved, the whole wedding industry seems to be in trouble. Wedding halls are looking like haunted bunglows with no wedding having been booked in the last year.

“Based on the over bookings we had the previous years, I spent more than a 100 crore to renovate all my other buildings into wedding halls and now at a big loss as people are waiting for iRing to fix their weddings,” mumbled a troubled wedding hall owner who just transformed a hospital and shopping mall that he owned into a wedding hall. His only hope is to have them all overbooked in 2018, is that a realistic hope is what we have to wait and see.

Well, the reason behind the darkness in India isn’t attributed to the bride or groom alone. The brides’ families want to show off offering iRing as the wedding gift, earlier referred to as dowry, to their daughters’ respective groom. And of course, grooms’ parents will not marry into a family which wasn’t ready to offer one. When asked, the Apple spokesperson proudly said, “After years of shutting down non competitor products such as torch light, camera, Walkman and pedometer, we are all set to venture into services at a greater level. What happens when all these proposals and engagements happen at once after the iRing hits the market will be a spectacle we shall only await at this point.”