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Vedic scientists stun the world

25, Feb 2017 By acidboy

NASA Scientists made an awesome discovery of a new Solar system resembling ours with 7 exo planets revolving around a Dwarf Star. Vedic scientists stunned NASA scientists by claiming that the discovery was already written in Vedas and Bhagavad Gita. The number 7 which represents 7 exo planets has been subtly mentioned throughout Hindu scriptures starting from the Sapta Rishis.

We had a special interview with Chief of Vedic Sciences Institute Dr. GuruBrahma.

Here are some excerpts.

Dr. GuruBrahma claimed that Quantum Physics is relatively new to The Modern Scientific community but Our ancestors knew that energy is radiated and absorbed in discrete “quanta” (or energy packets) and that was the basis of the small quanta of Prashadham that is distributed in temples. It represents the distribution of God’s energy to his devotees in small quanta.

He quoted how simple tales from our Vedic Grandmas mention about crossing 7 seas and 7 mountains to gain something. Here you have to see Sea as meaning waves and Mountains as Particles that subtly imbibes in us the Particle Wave Dual Quality of light and other Subatomic things.

But you have to interpret the same story differently with recent revelations by NASA. The 7 seas actually represent distance between our Solar system and the new one and 7 mountains represent the 7 new planets. When our Team questioned how 7 can explain the 40 light years distance of the new system from ours, the chief doctor gave us a weird formula ([7 x 2π]-π)-(0.2 x π) = 40.

Asked about the logic behind the formula he said π is an irrational number and it can be used in any irrational way.

Our team questioned further that even with the formula it doesn’t seem to clearly explain the whole number, for which the doctor turned towards us furiously and said when the government explains that playing national anthem in theatres helps in building nationalism you are ready to believe it but you are not ready to accept an almost perfect result from an irrational formula which uses irrational numbers.

We had to let the case rest there.

We then asked What was the future course planned by vedic scientists, he said we are waiting for NASA and CERN scientists to make more discoveries after which we will slowly reveal that it was already there in our vedas and scriptures.

On asking whether your scientists will pro-actively do anything , he replied that they were in the finishing stages of building the Pushpak Viman as described in the vedas which can travel at speed of light and reach the new solar system in 40 yrs.

We then quoted that according to Lorentz factor no one can reach the speed of light, for which the great doctor smiled and said “THE SECRET LIES IN THE COW”. Then he began to describe the amazing breakthroughs his team had achieved.

He said it all started when his team was able to explain the paradox of Schrödinger’s cat by simply replacing the cat with a cow and said since the experiments are still not patented he cannot explain it fully.

But he went on to say that Cow is an infinite source of energy that defies normal laws of physics and biology and they were going to use cow dung as the perennial source of energy and cow dung plastered around their vimana will protect it from dangers of cosmic radiation as it also gets atomised and converted to a nuclear ball of energy.

He however cautioned that only Desi Cows had such power and was opposed to other imported Jersey Cows. He said they will also take with them Country Bulls for sake of maintaining the stock count. Asked how will the Country bulls withstand such harsh space conditions he said they are Jallikattu Bulls and they have seen far worse conditions.

He said that his team has requested Modi government to present a 2 meter statue of Dancing God Durga to NASA because of the long association of India’s deserved candidates working there and also because the Dwarf star represents a fiery female god’s lingering anger.

Asked to explain further, he said that our own SUN is like (male god Shiva whose anger) or energy will subside in another one billion years(a speck in cosmic time) but the new Dwarf star will burn for another 3 to 4 trillion years.

(However it is learnt that NASA is vehemently opposed to the idea of installing Lord Durga’s statue, knowing very well about the stories that are doing rounds about Lord Nataraj’s statue in CERN ).

Asked what was the aim of their institute he said “It is to travel at speed of Jyothi(light) and attain BrahmaJyothi”.

Dr. GuruBrahma finished the interview by saying that their Vedic Scientists are ready to offer crash courses on Vedic science to scientists from NASA / CERN etc.

P.S. Last heard that lot of NASA scientist have gone into depression after seeing this interview and now Isha foundation is minting money teaching them meditation and yoga.