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Uphone 5s fingerprint scanner to be used for Delhi Elections

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

As there is so much hype created for the fingerprint scanner of the Iphone 5S, Congress designed a phone called as Uphone 5S which stands as contender to the ‘NaMo’ phone. This contains a finger print scanner which would be linked to the Aadhar card as it became useless.

Meanwhile the election commission made sure that Uphone would be used in the Delhi Elections, CEC said that “As we always introduce new technology for voting, this would be a breakthrough”. The people must first register their fingerprints by placing their thumb on the home button,by doing this the people would be eligible to vote.

Congress says that by doing this the people would be relived by getting their voter cards, and the records of the fingerprints would be safely stored in Congress party office. When the people vote on the Electronic Voting Machines by placing their thumb, these would be stored and later verified with the fingerprint records. However,other parties claim that this is a trick by congress as the records could be tampered by the Congress itself.

Rahul prasad of the Congress said that “The records are secured with a secured password, it could be only known by the people who can calculate the escape velocity of the planet Jupiter”

Congress says that people can get the phone by buying 10kgs onions in the grocery store.However the experts say that this phone will bring wars between Android and Ios users.