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Trending app among engineers: Bath but no Bath

11, Jul 2017 By Swati Negi

With the tight schedule of eating, sleeping and partying, the engineering dudes are always busy resting and are unable to give proper time to the daily trivial routine to bathe. “It takes unnecessary amount of time and energy”, quoted a student from LOL, Institute of Technology.

What prompted the idea, to enquire about this we reached the geek Guys, behind the app.

Wave of happiness across engineering hostels
Wave of happiness across engineering hostels

“Well I guess it was Suresh’s Idea”. Quoted Ramesh.The story goes that one fine day they were both sharing a No-star on their room, imagining themselves in a park, because of the air-freshner, ‘Ambi gur’. Slowly biting through the choco-bar, this revolutionizing idea originated in Suresh’s Mind.If only they could install the feature of  ‘Ambi gur’, on the mobile phones, transferring the refreshing aroma onto the owner of phone. So, began the research, assessing multiple possibilities & spending numerous nights emerged in algorithms, without bathing. Finally their dream came true and so of all the engineers burdened with copious assignments. “We conceptualized the idea and turned it into reality” Elaborating Ramesh’s statement, Suresh continued ” We now just needed testing and started by asking girls on date. They refused straightaway to our faces. On asking reasons mentioned our nerve-wrecking staring, our inappropriate dressing sense, our improper communication style and lot more reasons. But we knew we have hit the jackpot when none of them mentioned about the hygiene factor”

The product was successful in delivering what it promised. It was easy to use, saved money and time,  provided services at the click of a button and above all Environment-friendly, promoting no-water wastage. “We had the market: lakhs of engineers, pursing education and lakhs of others all set to be one. We just needed to launch it at the right moment. So we waited for the Final semester exams. We advertised the launch of the product lavishly. Within three days of the commencement of exam, we had crossed 50,000 downloads & The rest is history.” Smirkingly, added Suresh

“With requests we have added the experience of Sauna-bath, Steam-bath and Mud-bath, too. Recently we were also contacted by the Mapple guys to develop its IOS version also.” stated the developer of the “App of the Year” .

This was the success story of two geek guys, who found opportunities to make them the entrepreneurs of today. They said, they are now targeting the IT industry with, extra-refreshing after-bath experience.

Just when we were concluding with the interview with Suresh and Ramesh, they got the call from Mark Cukoobird, the Pacebook Maker, and he had shown his interest in the app. The guys are creating history with it. We wish them Best of Luck or rather “Bath of Luck”