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Tim Cook interview with Faking News post iPhone 6 release

11, Sep 2014 By krantikari_yeda

People’s smartphone i.e iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus was released with a bang in the presence of many live audience last night. Many people were eagerly waiting to get a glimpse of the phone as it is unlikely that they can afford it. Faking News reporter Krantikari_Yeda also attended the event and got in touch with the CEO of Apple Inc Tim Cook. Here are the excerpts from the interview of Tim Cook with Faking News reporter.

Tim Cook after his interview with Faking News

Reporter: Hello Sir thank you for taking your time to talk with us

Tim: Well its always pleasure talking with the same group of people

Reporter: Sir what are you trying to say?

Tim: Well You Fake News and We Fake technology, kinda same group

Reporter: Ha Ha Well, Sir can you explain the features of the new iPhone?

Tim: Hmmm it has 4.7inch display, shatter proof glass, 8MP rear camera, 1.2MP front camera for taking selfies

Reporter (Cutting in the middle) : Sir does it support Facebook and WhatsApp?

Tim: What?????

Reporter: People are more concerned about posting in Facebook and using WhatsApp, nobody cares about actual features

Tim: Well it does support all the apps, you can download it by paying even for free apps in App Store

Reporter: Why do we need to pay for free apps?

Tim: Well the answer is in your previous question, if they want the iPhone to support useless useful apps then they need to earn it

Reporter: What about the features given for music lovers?

Tim: There is iTunes mainly dedicated for the music lovers, they can pay and download songs from it

Reporter: Does it support the songs downloaded from

Tim (Baffled): What?

Reporter: Most of the people in Asia download songs from sir

Tim: Oh I will ask my research team to look into that matter, we will make sure by next release we will capture Asian market by adding to iTunes

Reporter: Sir, when we post in Facebook does it display “ Status updated via iOS”?

Tim (Baffled again): Let me check it by posting “Xiaomi MI3 sucks”. (Tim Exhaling) Ah it does display “Status updated via iOS”

Reporter: Sir, does the new phone include the leaked photos of Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton?

Tim: Yes and No

Reporter: What do you mean Yes and No?

Tim: Yes in iStore and No in iPhone

Reporter: Okay I got it and Sir what is the differentiating feature in iPhone 6 in comparison with rival Xiaomi and Samsung smartphones?

Tim: Price, no one can beat us.

Reporter: Sir it was pleasure talking to you. Do you mind if I take a selfie with you?

Tim: No not at all please feel free to take the picture

Later Faking News reporter took selfie using his Micromax canvas phone and stored it in iCloud to be hacked and leaked later on the internet