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The I-Pen by Apple is Here

09, Aug 2014 By yoshu

Appal Inc has decided to plunge into the stationery industry by introducing I-Pen. It is the brainchild of Reve Robs. It will have enviable features like inks of up to fifteen colours.

Not only will it have the basics like black, blue, green and red but also purple, lilac, violet, citrus, magenta, pink, citrus, fuchsia et cetra. The refill will be available exclusively at i-stationery shops.

It will have a handwriting monitor for the proper size and shape of the alphabets written by its user. I-Pen will also have a speed monitor to achieve the optimum speed of writing with a history of writing speed of Reve Robs built in.

I-Pen will be the first pen with a barcode scanner and an inbuilt tracking device to track it when it goes missing (After all many people will want to steal this piece of beauty).

Another interesting feature of I-pen is the ‘touch recognition’ which records the touch of its owner and prevents others fro m using it. The Appal users are eagerly awaiting for its arrival and want to get their hands on it (Of course, some have pre-ordered it three months back).

Appal I-Pen comes with a special pen case worth $39. When suggested that a pen could be kept in a geometry box or any pouch, one of the Appal loyalist replied (rather annoyed) “Don’t be silly dude, its an I-Pen”. The I-Pen 2 is also rumored to release early next year. It will have added features like decreased length and girth!

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