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Teenager slips into ‘samadhi’ while playing video game

17, Jun 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Mumbai: In a very strange case of spiritual experience, 17 years old mumbaikar reportedly slipped into ‘samadhi’ , a higher level of meditation while he was playing video game for continuous seven hours. Pulkit Joshi, who did not think out of his x-box, was claimed to be in ‘samadhi’ by friends in video uploaded on You Tube.

New way to get spiritual experience

“Samadhi is a state where senses are disconnected from outside world. Person in Samadhi, cannot hear without putting fingers on ears and similar with other sensesa” said one friend of Pulkit in video while another friend was playing loud music near ears of Pulkit. In same video, his friends did similar things to disturb Pulkit but unaffected from efforts of his friends, Pulkit was continuously playing video game. Even his girlfriend failed to seduce him.

His mother who tried to disturb Pulkit through fragrance of his favorite dish, shared her experience with Faking News,  “I was cooking moong ka halwa in kitchen. Rajesh (friend of Pulkit) came and told that Pulkit is not responding to him. We went to his room and found that except fingers and eyeballs nothing is moving, not even eyelids. I tried to regain his conscious by fragrance of Halwa but he was like sages in Ramanand Sagar’s serials did not move a bit” said visibly confused mother.

In hope of Internet sensation, his friends decided to shot video of Pulkit after vain attempt by his mother. In video, they claimed that his friend has invented new method to attain meditation which leads to Samadhi after mastering it.  “In this technological era, we have invented new ways to do old things like mobile phone to communicate in place of old letter method. Presenting to you, modern method to perform meditation by using technology. Invented by our friend Pulkit Joshi..” almost shouted a friend during starting of video.

After news and video spread like smoke of scent stick in room, BJP leader Subramanyam Swami came with one more conspiracy theory and said that gaming consoles like x-box and play station are cleverly designed plan, secretly funded by CIA to keep away young generation from glorious and traditional Hindu values.