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Teen files FIR against beauty clinic after it created a clone of his sister

09, Sep 2013 By tspriyaa

Chennai. It all began on Thursday evening when Rajesh returned home after his classes and realized that his mother had gone missing. His elder sister served him his snacks and when he asked her where their mother was, she smiled and didn’t answer his question.

Mother Daughter duo
Such surgeries have left better halves of both Mother and Daughter confused.

Two days passed and Rajesh was under the assumption that his mother had gone on a vacation. He checked his phone and emails but there were no messages from his mother. He started growing suspicious when he saw his sister spending long hours with his father, whispering things to him and was reluctant to tell Rajesh where his mother had gone.

On the third day, just before college Rajesh realized that his sister who lay asleep in her room was also cooking breakfast in the kitchen. He was haunted to see his sister in two places at the same time. He immediately called the police.

After a two day investigation, it was confirmed that Rajesh’s sister who was cooking in the kitchen was none other than his mother who had undergone a series of botox injections and plastic surgeries in the nearby beauty salon that promised to transform wrinkles into dimples. Rajesh has still not come to terms with the fact that his mother has turned into a clone of his sister. He immediately lodged an FIR against the beauty clinic that took up the project of transformation. He is still not willing to talk to his mother about the same.

Rajesh is presently undergoing post trauma counseling at Nimhan’s medical institute Bangalore and his mother is now trying to get back her wrinkles by another set of plastic surgeries. In an interview with Faking News his mother said, “Now I understand why they say beauty is a curse. I cannot understand why my son does not want a young beautiful mother. It’s all the bad effects of Kalyug! Last year, when my husband didn’t take me to his office party and Rajesh didn’t want his friends to see me, I presumed that they were ashamed of my aging. But I am a benevolent mother, I was willing to change for them then and now again I am willing to sacrifice my beauty and youth to make my son happy.”

Meanwhile, when Rajesh’s mother tried to withdraw the FIR filed by her son against the “unnamed” beauty salon, Dr Watra at Watra Beauty Salon chose to reveal its name and asked her not to withdraw the case. “I wish the country gets to know about this incident. It is one of the wonders of science in the hands of the awesome doctors of our clinic. Please do not hesitate to report about this on prime news channels,” Dr Watra told us.

Well, if it is a great way of publicity or not for Dr Watra’s clinic, the traffic of Indiragandhi Road, where Rajesh’s family resides, has definitely been impacted over the last few days as people rushed to have a glimpse of Rajesh and his newly turned celebrity mother. It is said that there are several notes that are left at the doorstep by anonymous women inquiring about the charges of the surgeries and asking her to post the details and before and after pictures on her Facebook wall.