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Techie awarded best researcher award, after his vision became 6/6 by continuously staring at his computer at work

17, Oct 2014 By nidhitech

Bangalore: A techie Subodh Yadav, working in UK based MNC, recently won Best Researcher award from ISRO on 1st October, 2014.

Incident happened on 20, September, 2014, Subodh had too much work pressure, that he continuously stared his computer screen at work place for 10 hours, without blinking even once. When he blinked his eyes first time after 10 long hours, he was shocked that he could not see any thing . He shouted ” Muje kuch dikhai nhi de rha “. He removed his spex to clean the same & surprisingly, everyone heard “Muje sab dikhai de rha hai “.

When Faking News Reporter asked him, he said, “ I could barely see without spectacles. Doctors have made it very clear that even Lasik cannot improve my eyes vision “.

I like work: it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours

While research labs are still searching reason for his sudden vision, he himself not too sure what exactly happened.

ISRO scientists researched for 10 days with different people in different environment, but no one could stare at screen for this long time without blinking.

Meanwhile his colleague Nimisha Mehra, who sits adjacent to him, told faking news “ This is all lie, he is saying this all to get fame. I noticed, he blinked at 12:54 pm once. I did a huge mistake that I didnt make a video, so I dont have any proof. Normally I keep prooves by clicking pics of employees like, yesterday Simran (name changed) was checking shopping sites instead of making report. But in case of Subodh, I ignored , which I am repenting like anything.

ISRO Scientist, DR. P.K. Gupta told faking news, ” He must have done some particular setting of brightness, resolution & contrast on his computer screen & must have opened a particular page, through which such rays produced, which cured him. He must be genius to come out with such technology. we will offer him job here soon. We need innovative people like him.”

While his BOSS gave statement, “I have given him ten tasks to get finished by 10 pm on that day, He didnt move from his seat & was continuously working, but surprisingly not a single task was done. I was wondering reason for the same which is clear now. I am really proud of employee like Subodh who actually was doing research in our organisation.”

When this all was going on, faking news reporter approached his family. His Mother told some jaw-dropping fact. Seema Yadav from Raweri – Arey kuch nhi, nikkama hai ek number ka Subodh. Raat bhar facebook pe lga rahega to office mai to need ayegi hi. Ab 3 baar nikale jaane ki warning milne k baad, is darr se Subodh aankhen khol k so rha tha. par bhagwan ka lakh lakh shukar hai ki mere puttar ki naukri nhi gai aur aankhein b thk ho gai. 

Every one is taking Seema Yadav’s statement as nothing but Maa ka Pyar.  People from all over world are approaching & congratulating Subodh for this discovery.

NASA have offered him a job where he just have to stare to computer screen. Subodh told faking news on this – I have habit of not sleeping at night, I really need a day’s sleep. So I developed a habit of sleeping with open eyes, thanx to my IT company, where I learned this & I am able to get my fav. job in NASA.

NASA have quoted 10 years time for this research, while Subodh, who was considered good for nothing & was not getting even one rishta, is now filled with marriage proposals from girls in various countries.

Subodh is very happy & soon planning to start coaching classes – How to sleep with open eyes in office.