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Teacher's day special: All IT professionals thank “Google Guru”

08, Sep 2014 By Virtually Real

Bangalore/Pune/Hyderabad/Mumbai – On Teacher’s day, everyone was thanking their teachers but IT professionals were seen giving full honours to Google (err…  Google Guru). We got puzzled with this but this report explains how and why it is true.

IT Professionals thank Google Guru
IT Professionals thank Google Guru

When we connected Vinay Singh from Infosys, Pune, he said, “Rigorous training and environment of Mysore campus had made us intelligent too but long time on bench made us further smart enough to search intelligently on Google. Also we have almost everything available on Google so why to use our mind.”

Shahid Hussain from TCS said, “Whenever manager delegates me his tasks, I do that excel work with Google only. Today I know most of the complex functionalities of excel even more than my manager knows them.” But when our correspondent asked about his knowledge about his technical skills he just uttered – “Google hai na.”

Ravish told Faking News that he was initially trained on .NET but currently working in Java project, all could be possible because of one and only Google baba. Speaking further he says technology is no bar for him, all he needs is Google only.

Reema from CTS says – Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V are best combinations like pen and notebook which always helped us to get our all kinds of assignments done. She adds further that she started cooking also based on Google only, though after many attempts even today no one can digest it but still today she is trying her best, if Google guru blesses her, she will be a great cook by her marriage.

Wipro employee Pramod  recalls that when every girl was rejecting him, he just googled words like “how to impress a girl” and today he has 2 and half girl friends. (Not sure about half – let Chetan Bhagat explain it :P) With some hesitation Pramod also told us that he took tips from Google only that how to kiss a girl… after this we moved on before having further inputs from him.

Riya and Aditya, married 3 years back, they met on Facebook. They used to have regular fights but not now. Aditya excitedly says – Even God doesn’t know a woman mind better than Google.

We had to stop these interactions as enthusiastic IT professionals started shouting slogan as Google ki jai ho.Google ki jai ho, we didn’t  want to cover this as Shankaracharya Swami Swaroopanand may issue order that chanting “Google ki jai ho..” is against religious belief and everyone should boycott Google.