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TCS to introduce special maps for two-wheeler riders

21, Apr 2015 By ashish779

New Delhi. TCS has planned to launch a new map that would help two-wheeler riders avoid traffic jams. The map would show the possible exit points from roads to the adjoining footpaths which would help the user by-pass the long traffic jams. With this riders can effectively use the footpaths and other similar constructions while riding. “This map would a mobile based app. We will first start with Delhi-NCR and then expand to other cities. We thrive to give our users the shortest and correct paths on our map. We believe this app would make two – wheeler ride seamless and will take the ride experience to next level” Said Sourabh Sharma Head of Sales team. This app could possibly help about 3 Lakh daily commuters in Delhi-NCR.

Biker avoiding traffic jam“I am so happy that TCS is going with my idea to make such an app.” Said Tarun Verma, who has been a part of TCS since last 3 years and has contributed a lot to TCS bench strength. “This will be my first project. ” He added enthusiastically. He gave this idea to his Manager during his performance review meeting. Tarun has been travelling for 30 kilometers on daily basis to his office. Telling about the inception of this idea, he said “I have been travelling a lot and have been using footpaths and other small roads to by-pass many vehicles to avoid these jams. Why not make an app which would show all these entry points. This would benefit other commuters too. I can tell you at least 30 such by-passes on my route to office which could reduce your travel time by 20 minutes.”

Amidst growing Four-wheelers numbers on the roads of Delhi-NCR there are now more traffic jams than ever. Ongoing road constructions and Traffic police checks have worsened the situation. These jams have affected two-wheeler riders more than four-wheelers. “Anything Mr. Obama’s visit has taught me is that Delhi’s air is very polluted, the same air I have to inhale when stuck in these long Traffic Jams. I am sure my fellow two-wheeler riders would empathize with Me.” said Tanmay who travels 30 Kilometers daily across Delhi. “An App like this would help me avoid such long Jams. I can even give certain inputs of these entry points which I daily use.”

The company has already created a database of all such Exit Points. The major challenge for this app would to keep the maps updated since there are a lot of constructions going on and many more are in pipe line. For this the company is already in talks with various Panwalas and other roadside vendors. “We can use such shopkeeper’s eyes to watch for the any changes in our existing maps.” said a Senior Manager.