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SpiceJet to run plane on Mumbai local rail track

26, Mar 2014 By kabir

Known for the most delayed flights and technical problems, Mr. K. S. Shetty, the Jt. MD of Spicejet has declared yesterday in a press conference that they are really inspired by the congestion handling management of Mumbai Local Trains and whats more, he is quiet surprised to see during heavy traffic hours also, they maintain to keep a delay time not more than 5 minutes.

Due to heavy increase in the aviation prices they were spending a lot money to generate electricity from the airplanes’ own speed and then use it in place of aviation oil.

Mr. Venkat Sai and Mr. A.K. Banerjee, well known scientist and research fellow were in to that dream project but unfortunately they failed to come up with a result. In the meantime SpiceJet faced a reduction in their customers too, resulting decrease in their customers and increase in the operating cost.

Mr. Shetty who personally and physically traveled in a Mumbai local from CST to Dahanu Road which is almost two and half hour journey, understood one common fact that people are more comfortable in travelling by train than meeting an emergency to get a plane for the following reasons-

1. Cheaper and affordable 2. No need to go for long security check drama (even a whole plane can be hijacked) 3. Can be boarded from anywhere (MC, BT, An, Bo, BY, Vr, DhR) 4. Less maintenance and service staffs required, especially technical staff requirement is much lesser than running a plane. Most of the amount goes in “bhog” of those maintenance stuffs and literally drama and show offs of airport authorities. 5. Easy to lay tracks in a cantilevered way. It will be just above the train line run by Indian Railways, another private railway track like metro rail will be formed but with much ease as encroachment of site will not be any problem and most importantly curves and bents will not hamper like constructing on road.

Now the problems will be like:

1. Providing lavatory on the train 2. How to deal with future competitors. As very soon it is going to be the biggest invention of the world traffic solutions, soon other authorities will also start taking up initiatives in other metro cities like in Kolkata, Delhi, Bangalore or in Chennai as in those cities also traffic is the biggest problem and in that case if they learn how to initiate this project after getting the learning from SpiceJets pioneering project, they must be serve better putting SipceJet in to trouble as Mr. Shetty confirmed of less expenditure to expedite such project. 3. Generally pantry cars are run by male in train and there is no provision of having even a pantry car in local train as it is too crowded to make space for pantry boys but people who have traveled in Spicejets are more accustomed with the Spicy and hot air hostesses. Now no on board food and no hotties may be reason of people for not liking.

Discussions and deliverables are under way, till then lots of water will flow through the river Ganges and may be very soon country is going to face a huge change in Indian Politics. Now its people’s turn to see when the projects gets a green signal to start execution and finally the green flag to start lesser trafficked, crowded, cheaper and obviously better way of transport.

By Kabir