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Software for clearing '#NaMo' and '#AAP' tweets

18, Mar 2014 By Sarcasm

After LS poll has been declared many who are migrating from the AAP to BJP and vice versa, are worried about their past.

The past that might hurt when you are tweeting about the other party for a long time and suddenly getting a chance to  join another party.  The past tweets and some retweets.

The solution came after a software engineer Ramesh came up with the great software that can erase your past on twitter only. He has invented a software that can clear the tweets by finding proper words and having tags  like #namo4pm #namo #AAP etc. according to requirement.

This will be very helpful for all politicians in recent days as all parties are deciding their candidates.

“I read a guy’s tweets about #NaMo for so many days, when he got the chance to be a volunteer for AAP,  He changed the use of #NaMo and now tweeting as #AAP everyday” Ramesh said to Fakingnews.

“I thought of making a software which can hide their past, although they weren’t worried about their old tweets,” Ramesh added.

All the parties have welcomed this software, found it very useful in current days where the great migration is taking place in Indian Politics. After the success of his software Ramesh got a bunch of emails demanding the same kind of software to clear their old videos on YouTube and other social networking sites.

“I’m overwhelmed with the response that I am getting,” he said.