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Software developed to help political parties chose candidates to field for elections, will go to the highest bidder

24, Feb 2014 By shikshit ganwar™

A software engineer, Maggu, has claimed to develop software that will help political parties to select the suitable candidate, to field for the elections.

Maggu is planning to sell it to the political party which will be the highest bidder, it will be a public bidding and an advertisement in major news papers have been put in place for this.

Predict the winner.
Predict the winner.

“I have decided to make it public, so that no party can force me to give it to them, we know how they work,” Maggu explained.

“After giving me a very good training in Java and making me a Java expert, the project that I was given to me by my company involved daily generating one report using MS Access and sending it to one client. Practically, all the time I was in office I was free only. I was utilizing it by playing spider-solitaire and taking 20-30 trips to food court. But once I heard that in this census, caste of the person will also be recorded, I got the idea of this software and dedicated myself in developing it,” Maggu said.

“I immediately knew that there can be only one reason behind this, so that the political parties can decide the candidate better, on the basis of population of the castes in the constituency. Because everyone knows that caste is the biggest factor in deciding the candidate. I knew that such software will give the parties leverage to utilize this data effectively, and will be in huge demand, and so I started working on this,” Maggu further added.

“This software will take inputs like – caste wise population of the constituency, number of voters, criminal history of the candidate, number of times he has been to jail, money-power of the candidate etc.; and will give the candidate who will be most likely to win, using many complex algorithms,” Maggu clarified .

Since this advertisement has come out, there is heavy excitement and anxiety in the political parties. All the parties are conducting special meetings to make strategy to get the software.

“This is revolutionary. Whatever party gets this software will have a huge advantage,  and is most likely to get majority in all the elections, at least till they have exclusive control on the software and no one else develops a similar software,” Joginder Sharma, a political analyst, said.

Our sources confirmed that Samajwadi Party is already recruiting computer professionals to operate the software, in case they got it, because no one in their party knows English or about computers. Many other parties are likely to follow the suite, because of similar reasons.

“It is a great service to the Indian people and it shows the patriotism of this software developer,” said Abhishek, Congress spokesperson. “It was possible because software industry was developed by Congress, we should be given credit for this,” he further added.

Market experts are predicting that Congress is most likely to win the bidding, and it will be a game changer in Lok Sabha elections. It will be possible because in last 10 years Congress has got a lot of exposure to bidding processes – from Commonwealth and 2G to Coalgate, and hence Congress has developed great expertise in bidding, giving them edge over other parties.