Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Snapchat to introduce a new filter that makes you look rich, CEO first to try it on a pic his heart

18, Apr 2017 By Ashish Chauhan

Trying to catch with stiff competition from whatsapp, Instagram, Snapchat has devised a new market strategy to counter the growing competition.

Swag feature
Swag feature

According to the very rich CEO Evan Spiegal, the Company is meant for the rich and needs to bring up Filters that make people rich. It should be noted that move comes just after the Animals failed to accept the Snapchat. The move to introduce snapchat to the animals backfired as the Evan failed to categorize them on his very richness scale.They brought in many rich animal filters instead.

Company revealed its plan to bring new a new filter which would make a poor thing look rich. Today Infront of many rich people, Evan himself shown the utility of the app by using a picture of his heart. As he applied the new rich filter to his heart, it indeed appeared a bit less poor but still not as richer as per their expectations. It brought yet another shame to the company, but Evan claimed they will work more on to improve their myopia to convert poor things into rich. To our correspondent Anjali, The Evan said, “We are trying always to do the impossible and this filter indeed will do the impossible the next time”

Meanwhile He added that company is looking forward to name it as “South Mumbai filter as per popular demand” -Ashish Chauhan