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Six teens from Pune book common iPhone 6

12, Sep 2014 By rohitvyawahare

Pune. While the whole world is going berserk over the price of new iPhone, six teens from city have come up with the smart solution to buy new launched iPhone 6 plus – common iPhone by contribution.

Our correspondent got in touch with the six guys while all of them were having wadapav  at a roadside stall. RaghuDude, one of seven guys who changed his name from Raghu to RaghuDude after booking an iPhone, said, “We are roomies and we share everything, right from toothpaste to bath soap, so we thought why not a phone? iPhone is the coolest thing on the planet. We are mighty excited now that we have booked it. Each one of us has to shell out around 15K,which means for next three months we would have to eat wadapav for lunch and dinner, but who cares when return on investment is so much. Our social stature escalated dramatically when our friends came to know about this. Each of us would use it 2 days and pass on to the next guy”

When asked who is going to use iPhone  first, RaghuDude enthusiastically replied,”Of course I will!” This reply wasn’t received coolly by his room-mates, and they started abusing him vehemently. Our correspondent left the place before situation went out of control.