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Signs of life on Mars

20, Oct 2014 By Gurman Singh

As per the latest news update, there are significant proofs that indicate signs of life on the RED planet. News was confirmed by one of the biggest e-tailer giant (LOL) Flipkart in a conference.

When asked by the reporters, how can Flipkart confirm such news, while researching bodies like NASA and now India’s ISRO too have failed to find signs of life on Mars.

In fact these orders were one of the reasons for technical glitches encountered on the BIG day

Binny added. He continues,

People who have watched Hrithik Roshan’s “Koi Mil Gaya” would know that all electronic devices fail when any signal is received from the outer space, and this was the exact issue we faced  on the sale day.

One of the reporters asked: “What are you now planning to do with those orders ?

To which Sachin replied,

We are in talks with ISRO if they can accommodate our orders in the next mission. We chose ISRO because they are famous for their ‘Cheap’ mission”. 

“So are you” someone from the crowd yelled.

So what exactly have the Martians ordered ?” one of the reporters asked curiously.

Binny confirmed “All of them have ordered ear plugs“. Everyone was surprised that why would they need ear plugs.

Binny said, “We are not supposed to share order details and data of clients but we are considering this case as an exception.

The comment section of the orders says:

We are fed up of the constant noise coming from India (Read: Times Now studios). Someone is demanding an answer on behalf of the entire nation. For long we have waited for this fellows questions to get answered but not any more. Yesterday two children developed in the Mars lab were born deaf so in the interest of future generations we have ordered earplugs. This might bring relief to the Martians and life may get back to normal here..

The conference came to an abrupt end when asked about Flipkart’s next BIG sale plans?

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