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Samsung to release pants that fit their gigantic phone in pocket

02, Oct 2014 By onesidedargument

Mumbai. With the continuous increase in size of the mobile phone screens, Samsung finally decided to makes pants that fit mobile phone without any hassle.


“We are listening, we been watching how people are holding their mobile phone in hands entire day and we’ll make it easier for people who own Samsung mobiles.”

People from all over the world welcomed this idea. When we asked a man about his reaction on this new product he said, “It is amazing how Samsung makes our day-today life easier, first they designed big screened phones for better viewing now these pants for keeping them safe. Samsung never ceases to amaze us.”

These pants will be available in 3 sizes, corresponding to their mobile phone screen sizes. 4.5, 5 and 5.5 inches pocket pants they are calling it.

Designer of these revolutionary pants, Mr. Anjeshwar said, “You see, when I started using my first mobile phone it use to fit in my front pocket, gradually with increased screen size I moved to back pocket eventually to a backpack to carry the phone. I wanted to help the other people who are facing issues just like me and this is my answer to the problem.”

While Samsung fans are exuberated by this idea, Apple fans seemed dismayed.

There are even reports that Samsung stole the patented idea of “iPants” and presenting it as its own.

“While Apple trying to perfect the design of zip from the past 2 years, Samsung is trying to cash this delay,” claimed another Apple fan.