Tuesday, 24th April, 2018

Samsung reportedly working on code-project called "2IN-1S"

09, May 2014 By reachvivekat

The market research firm Ac Nilelsen has done survey across India with the key focus on “growth drivers for mobile handsets” and submitted the report to market leader Samsung.

The company has reportedly working on a project code-named “2IN-1S”, as per the information leaked in the micro-blogging website, after studying the research reports the Samsung has identified a potential segment and engaged the majority of the R&D Team to work on a device with can be paired to the original instrument for accessing the SIM for full functionality, i.e. the code “2IN-1S” is touted to be two instruments one SIM.

The website has also noted that the reasons behind and the market potential.

The study has revealed that the majority of the people are holding at-least two instruments, one is basically a low end instrument for attending the calls and the other one is touted to be a pricey smartphone to get engaged. The respondents have informed that high-end smartphone for enjoying the mobile experience doesn’t stay all the day and get discharged with-in hours of use, the basic phone which is for attending the calls all during the day which will last at-least for two days.

As fad for two SIMs is dwindling the respondents have informed that they hardly get a call in a week on the second phone and shelling out additional amount for the second SIM is totally warranted. Rather they opined that one SIM integrating for two instruments will be a better option and the statistics revealed that around 59% of the respondents (Whooping 73% of the respondents for urban demographics) has highlighted the issue and desired for solution, the respondents on an average has informed that they change the phones every 6 months and they will be certainly looking forward to buy a pricey instrument to pair with their basic phone for single SIM functionality.

Till the time the article is written, all the mails and messages are unanswered by the company. When approached the senior management they have informed that these are very confidential and also they denied any such developments.

An anonymous employee, who wished not to reveal the name, has informed that the company has spent staggering USD 1 Billion for this project especially to take the first mover advantage and to exterminate the home grown competitors.